You’re Not Balling Till Your Supercar Is In Your Living Room

Hamilton-parks-supercar-livingroomFor many of us our car guys our main goal is simply to own our dream car. You’ve had that picture of whatever car it is as your background on your computer or cell phone for years. You put your dream car background on whatever item you can’t put your dream girl background on…you know its true.

Well, the Hamilton Parks condo building in Singapore is taking the supercar experience to a whole other level. Based off how much these condos are selling for (between $10,000,000 and $18,000,000 at the time of the video) we’re guessing the people buying these flats aren’t the type that have had to save their entire life for their beloved supercar, but we could be wrong. Either way though, this is a pretty epic way of garaging your new Lamborghini, Ferrari, R8, etc.

We were surprised by the comments on the video though. We thought every car person would love this but surprisingly some of the comments were negative. What are your thoughts? Would you want your new Ferrari LaFerrari parked in your living room? We know we should as hell would.


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