You Break It You Buy It…Ferrari Test Drive Goes Horribly Wrong

main-feat-img-ferrari-test-drive-failWe’ve all been there, we’re sitting around bored thinking, we should go test drive some cars.  What car guy hasn’t thought, I wonder if I can test drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc.  You put on some clothes that you think make you look ‘baller-ish’, hop in the nicest car you have between you and your friends and make your way to the dealership to see if you can get behind the wheel of a car that retails for 10x what the average person makes in a year.

If by some chance you sweet talk your way into test driving a super expensive Italian supercar we want to give you a few pearls of wisdom to think about.

  1. Don’t start the car and instantly start revving the engine. You’ll probably get kickout out of the car and won’t be invited back.
  2. Don’t put the petal to the metal on the first straight stretch you come to. Get a feel for it.  Italian supercars aren’t like the FWD, 200hp suped up JDM car you pulled in with.
  3. Once you get the feel for the car, please remember majority of these cars are RWD and if they’re not, majority of the power will still be sent to the rear wheels.
  4. Most importantly, don’t floor it…or even give it 50% throttle around a turn.  Sure, you can do this in your car and be fine, but your car probably is pushing 500+ horsepower not to mention the fact, it isn’t yours and if you wreck it…have fun sorting that mess out.
  5. Skip 1-4, watch the video, don’t do anything similar to what this guy does.


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