Watch A McLaren P1 Battle A McLaren 650S


This must be what its like to watch a big brother beat down on a little brother. Incase you don’t know, the McLaren 650S isn’t quite the runt of the litter, that title is held by the McLaren 570S, but the 650S is in the middle of the bunch.

However, if there was a father figure that runs the show, that honor would belong to the McLaren P1. This hybrid hyper car sells for over a million bucks and has just under 1,000 hp.

Either way, both of these supercars go from 0-60 in under three seconds and have a top speed over 200 mph…but the 650S…well…its just not a fair fight. Don’t get us wrong, the 650S is still fast…but it’s not P1 fast. It’s like comparing a small town beauty pageant winner to a Victoria’s Secret model. Yeah, the small town pageant winner is hot, but its not Victoria’s Secret model.

Anyways, you know what we’re saying. Checkout the video for yourself.


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