Uber Picks Up Customers In A McLaren 650S

650s-uberImagine, you get on your smart phone, open up your Uber app and request a car. Sounds normal enough, right? Well, if you’re in Dubai and had perfect timing there was a small chance the car that came to pick you up was the new McLaren 650S! A few lucky users got the surprise of a lifetime when they were not only picked up in this epic machine, but they were actually given the keys to it! We’ll do a post soon on the McLaren 650S and its stats but just so you know, it has 641hp, a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, and retails for around $270,000. Not a shabby uber!

Think this was just a one time thing? Tom Pryor, McLaren’s marketing manager doesn’t think so. Pryor says, “being able to request a test drive at the push of a button from your phone is absolutely the future.”

Hey, if that’s what McLaren wants to do you won’t hear us trying to talk them out of it! Check out the video above.


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