Touching Make A Wish Will Make You Tear Up

We’d like to introduce you to a special little boy, 7-year-old Michael Hollis and he’s an epic car guy! Michael is battling leukemia, he’s a fan of fast cars, car racing video games, and the Bugatti Veyron. What was his dream? Well, naturally Michael wanted to experience the $1,000,000+ supercar for himself.

Normally, that’s not the easiest thing to setup but one special dealership was able to make this happen. Michael, along with his mom and dad flew from San Antonio to the exotic car dealership, Park Place Premier Collection. They pulled up in a white stretch-limo for the big surprise.

Michael had no idea what was in store for him when he pulled up to the dealership…then he saw a black and blue Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse along with a factory Bugatti ‘pilot’.




You have to watch the video to see Michael’s reaction, it’s priceless.


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