TBT: 21 (Pics) From The 1954 Detroit Auto Show To Now

top-imgJust the other week Mercedes launched their self driving car and it looks like something right out of the future. That got us thinking, what did auto shows look like back in the day? What type of prototypes were companies releasing, what ‘new’ models were they previewing, etc.

The most recent Detroit Auto Show produced a handful of new hybrids, electric cars, trucks producing over 500+ horsepower and possibly the demise of the V8. Things have really changed! Instead of the classic V8 you would have seen way back in the day, now you’re getting a smaller displacement, turbo-charged engine! That’s the future ladies and gents!

If you’re looking for an epic trip down memory lane, checkout these pics! It’s amazing to see how far technology and design have really come in such a short amount of time!


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