Salomondrin’s House Tour Is Insane!

salomondrin new house

If you’re at all into cars and you happen to go onto a small website called, YouTube…odds are you’ve heard of Salomondrin. If not, let’s see, how can we explain Salomodrin?

To start, he’s owned everything from Porsche 918, Dodge Viper ACR, a couple Rolls Royce’s, Mclaren 675LT, Porsche 911R, Tesla Model X, ooh and a murdered out Smart Car which he says he’ll be giving away!

With all those insane exotic cars in the driveway (yes, he owned those at the same time) it makes you wonder what this guy does for a living, right? Well, we have no clue, lol. What we do know is he just moved into a sick new house and he gave us all a tour!

If you haven’t checked out his channel yet, definitely do so, he and his crew put out video almost daily. It might be daily…we don’t check all the time. He’s one of the more entertaining Youtuber’s and shoot, it sounds like you might have a chance to win a Smartcar! Either way, if you don’t win, it’s just insane to keep up with this guy’s car collection. Checkout the vid below to see what we’re talking about.

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