Removing The Interior In The E36 M3 Project Car

interior removal e36 m3

When I think of a project car, one of the first steps that comes to mind is removing the interior. Why? This way you get to thoroughly clean the car, inspect the interior, and let’s not forget about all that loose change you’ll find!

In this video, I remove the E36 M3 Project Car’s interior so I can vacuum it out and also plan out how I want to upgrade the interior.

I really like the look of the E36 M3 Vader seats but they aren’t the most supportive seat on the market. My goal for this car is to have it be a fun daily car and a car that will also perform well on the track. For that type of car I’ll need a seat with a little more support. I may end up looking at some Recaro Pole Positions but I’m not sure if I want a bucket seat.

Checkout the video and subscribe to the Exotic Whips TV Youtube channel if you haven’t already!

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