E36 M3 With S54 Swap On The Dyno – How Much HP Will It Make?

e36 m3 with s54 swap

To say I’ve been excited about this day is an understatement! After months of waiting for the build to be completed and many more months of working on this E36 M3 project car, we’re finally to the point of dyno’ing the S54 swap!

If you haven’t been following this build, I’ve been working on a 1995 E36 M3. Once the waterpump blew on my 233k mile S50 engine, I knew that was the excuse I’d been waiting for. It was time to get the S54 swap underway.

To get this swap completed, I turned to Boost Logic, a local performance shop here in Austin, Texas. Roman, the shop foreman has done many of these swaps and knows them like the back of his hand. I knew they’d take care of me. If you’re curious about the cost of an E36 M3 S54 swap, checkout my post where I break that down.

As for the dyno, you’ll have to watch the vid to find out the numbers but here’s the setup. I’m running a stock S54 with APE E85 piggyback system, euro headers, carbon intake, SuperSprint center section, Stromung exhaust. This has nothing to do with horsepower but I’m also running the S54 6 speed manual transmission, Sachs clutch, lightened flywheel and 3.64 Torsen diff.

This was an exciting day! Checkout the vid to see what type of numbers this E36 M3, S54 swap puts down!


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