POLL – The Best Sports Car You Can Daily Drive For Under $100K and Still Track?


When your budget is around the $100k mark for a ‘fun car’ you have a LOT of choices for great cars! Let’s just roll through a few of them real quick.

Obviously due to our picture up top, the Audi R8 V10 and V8 are both in the price range. You can get a 2010-2011 V10 R8 with a little higher miles in R-Tronic just around the $100k mark and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon the 6-speed gated manual. The R8 V8 you can find under $100k all day. Heck, you can even find a new body 2014-2015 model if look hard enough. But that’s just one of the cars you can choose from.

If you’re into the R8 V10 with the Lamborghini engine, why not look at the 2004 Gallardo? You can find one of those in good shape with a few gentle miles on the clock for under $100k. If you’re going Italian, what about the Ferrari 360? No, it doesn’t have all the horsepower in the world, but have you ever heard a Ferrari 360? That’s worth the price of admission alone!

What about a 997 Porsche Turbo? Those are insane cars with epic amounts of power just begging to have a few mods done to them so you have even MORE power. If turbo is the route you want to go then you have to bring up the GTR. That has got to be one of the best cars for the money right now.

Speaking of best cars for the money, what about a new Corvette…or heck, what about a Viper?! You can get either one of those for under $100k!

Now the real question becomes, do you get close to your budget and get something like the R8 V10 or do you save some money, go for a 996 Porsche Turbo which you can pick up in the $30-$40k range, and put some money into it making it an absolute monster!

So, you have a LOT of options for ridiculous cars around the $100k mark. Let’s assume you’re going to daily drive this car, but you have a backup incase something breaks or you need to bring it to the shop to get a few more ponies installed. But let’s be honest, no one wants to drive, ‘the backup’ car…SO, which would you choose?!

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