Lunch Run…That Happens To Be At The Top Of An Epic Mountain Road!

Driving Lemmon Frame Shot 1- Pic

There are a few things us car guys can really…REALLY appreciate and an epic mountain road is at the top of the list! Well, it just so happens that not to far from where I currently live we have a sweet road that goes up Mt. Lemmon. From here it gets even better…

Just so happens that at the top of this mountain there’s an awesome place to grab some food…This sounds like a recipe for a great time in the Black Series!

Now I have to say…I’m new to making videos. I’m not a videographer, I’m a car guy. So I haven’t really gotten used to the art of talking while driving. No, not like holding a casual conversation, but actually giving you some knowledge about this car, how it acts, how it drives, how the Weistec stuff performs, etc. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually, but until then, checkout some clips from this sick mountain road!

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