Installing E36 M3 Euro Lighting, Yellow Fog Lights, Front Grill and More

e36 euro lighting

Now THIS was a fun day! It’s finally time to start making some progress on the Exotic Whips E36 M3 project car! Today I’m tackling a lot of the parts I’ve been acquiring for the car. most of these parts are simple bolt-on parts that anyone can do.

On today’s agenda is the E36 M3 exterior trim pieces. That includes the front and rear impact moldings, door and side trim pieces, the E36 M3 euro tail lights and head lights, yellow fog lights and I’m sure a few more things.

The Euro lighting was purchased from a company called, Schmiedmann and so far they’ve been the best company I’ve found to purchase authentic euro BMW pieces for the E36 platform. They’re located in the Denmark but shipping has always been quick!

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