In Depth Look At My 2012 C63 AMG Black Series…

In depth C63 - Frame Shot 2 - Pic

Today…orrr when this video was filmed, I’m going over my daily driver, my 2012 C63 AMG Black Series. If you’ve watched the video of the C63 Black Series with the Weistec goodies on it, this is her!

I’ve owned the car for probably eight months now and it’s been absolutely solid for me. I’ve not had one issue and to be honest, that’s what I expected from a Mercedes whether it be a Black Series or not. Mercedes builds some pretty rock solid cars and with the engine in this being the M156 V8…this thing is known as one of the best naturally aspirated V8 motors built.

This C63 Black Series has about 17,500 miles on it, I picked it up with around 12,500 (ish). When it hit close to 15k miles I did the Weistec upgrades (which I’ll make a video about soon).

Anyways, checkout the video and lmk what you think. After watching this a few times I realize I definitely didn’t go into enough depth about the car…so I’ll be making ANOTHER “in-depth” video of this car in the future, but this time done right, I hope.

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