HUGE E36 M3 Parts Unboxing – Project Make My M3 Great Again

e36 m3 parts haul

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Okay, maybe you haven’t been waiting for this day, but I sure have! I’ve slowly been acquiring parts for the Exotic Whips E36 M3 project car and today is the day I was finally able to unbox everything!

My goal for this E36 M3 project car is to make a very clean build. This means (at least in my mind) that I’m going to be replacing a lot of things with factory BMW parts. Trim pieces, moldings, clips for pieces that are dangling off, trim pieces that have turned into a different color than they started out being 23 years ago, I think you get where this is going.

A lot of these parts came from a few main companies. I’ve found that I can ECS Tuning, Pelican Parts, Schmiedmann and FCP Euro are all great places to buy factory parts as well as aftermarket parts.

Today I unbox a lot of good stuff. There are some cool trim pieces, E36 M3 Euro headlights, Euro taillights, yellow foglights and more.

Checkout the video below and if you haven’t, smash that subscribe button because this M3 build is no where near complete!

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