How To Wash A Matte Paint Car

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One of the many questions I seem to get over and over about the C63 AMG Black Series is, “is that a wrap” and “how hard is that to take care of?” Now, this question is normally after three to four other questions like, “what is that?” or “Oh, it’s a c-class?” then I have to decide, do I want to try to explain what a Black Series is or should I let this person keep on thinking its a C-Class with a body kit.  Most the time I’ll do my best to explain what an AMG Black Series is.

When it comes to keeping this beast clean though, that’s a whole other story.  I’ve heard things like, you don’t have to wash a matte paint car, you can’t take a matte color car through a car wash, it’s way harder to maintain a matte car, and probably a hundred other things. Well, I made this video to address some of the myths and some of the facts.

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