How To Remove “Black Tar” Between Your Door & Door Panel

Have you ever taken off your door panel only to find there’s a thick, black tar-like substance that doesn’t really scrape off. There’s no way you can peel it off. Overall, it’s a gigantic pain in the butt!

Well, I decided to tackle removing that tar. I was told to get something called, “Tarminator”, which should be able to handle the job. After finding Tarminator on Amazon, waiting for it to be shipped, I was finally able to tackle this project.

I would say, Tarminator did a fairly decent job. I was completely unaware of just how much of the stuff would be needed! If you’re ever going to try to remove the black tar adhesive found behind your door panel, make sure you buy extra Tarminator because a little does NOT go a long way!

Checkout the video below for my full review of this product and a little, “How To” remove the tar between your door and door panel and if you haven’t, hit that subscribe button!

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