How To Install Turner Motorsport Skid Plate on E36 M3

This may not be the first mod you do to your E36 M3, but it’s an important one. In my case, the Turner Motorsport Skid Plate was even more important, for a couple of reasons.

First, my 1995 BMW E36 M3 has a S54 swap. One of the components I added during the swap was a Zionsville radiator specifically made for this swap. The oil cooler for this kit sits right under the radiator, which sits a few inches off of the ground! The last thing you want have happen is for something to puncture your oil cooler. Only bad things happen after that. So, for peace of mind and to ensure my oil cooler is safe, I purchased Turner Motorsport’s Skid Plate. Turner Motorsports states on their website that this skid plate is, “Manufactured using 10GA 5052 Aluminum for the main plate, the frame supports are made from 9GA 5052 Aluminum. Not only does this skid plate provide superior impact resistance, it also retains the factory wheel liner mounting positions! All stainless hardware for install is included.”

Overall, the install process is pretty straight forward. You have to feel comfortable drilling into the frame rails, drilling into the bumper and using a riv-nut tool. If you have all of the tools, you can get this job done in a few hours and the instructions that come with the skid plate are great. If you’re looking at skid plates, I would definitely recommend this! Checkout the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the Turner Motorsport Skid Plate

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