First Time Driving My Cheap E36 M3 Project Car!

driving e36 m3

Finally! The Exotic Whips TV E36 M3 project car is ready to hit the streets! When I first bought this M3 it had a bad alternator so I couldn’t drive more than a mile without the car dying. Oh yeah, this car also had a bug infestation that needed to be cured as well.

After replacing the alternator and killing all of the bugs, it was time to drive this E36 M3 for the first time so I could really get a feel for what needed to be replaced first and what I should start modifying first.

I have a lot of plans for this E36 M3 that include an S54 motor swap, suspension, brake upgrade, new interior, and more. But, first things first, I need to find out what needs to be replaced to make this car driveable!

Checkout the video below and if you haven’t, hit that subscribe button!

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