Father Lets Son Ride In Drift Car…This Is Amazing

father-son-driftDads, are you looking for a unique way to get in some quality father son bonding time? Maybe fishing is to boring, maybe you don’t want to spend $25 at a baseball game for a hotdog and Pepsi. What other options do you have? Well, if you happen to have a sweet RWD car, an empty parking lot or designated event, this is it!

These video’s were posted on Toxa Avdeyev’s Youtube channel and they’re freaking hilarious! Now before we get everyone saying how unsafe this is, please keep in mind, this is a closed event, his son has a safety harness on, and the passenger airbag has been disabled. Sure, it’s still not the safest thing in the world and it would be a totally different story if the kid looked like he isn’t enjoying it, but look at this kid, does he look like he’s not having fun?


That kid looks like he LOVES it! There are two video’s in this epic saga, the first one the kid appears to be three years old and in the second video his son is one year older…and still loves to drift! You have to watch these videos! Let us know which one you think is best and if you know any fathers that should see this, please share!

Then one year later, let’s see if he still loves to drift!

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