Salomondrin’s House Tour Is Insane!

salomondrin youtube

If you’re at all into cars and you happen to go onto a small website called, YouTube…odds are you’ve heard of Salomondrin. If not, let’s see, how can we explain Salomodrin? To start, he’s owned everything from Porsche 918, Dodge Viper ACR, a couple Rolls Royce’s, Mclaren 675LT, Porsche 911R, …

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I Dyno My 2012 C63 AMG Black Series

After adding Weistec headers, exhaust, tune, ROW intake, and TCU Valve/tune, I was finally able to see what my 2012 C63 AMG Black Series puts down to the ground! If you’re not familiar with the C63 Black Series, think of it as a street legal racecar built by AMG. It’s …

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C63 Black Series Vs Parking Garage…This.Is.LOUD!

So, long story short…if you’ve watched any of my video’s on youtube you’ll know I have a 2012 C63 AMG Black Series.  Late last year (2015) I had Weistec Headers, Weistec Tune, Weistec Exhaust, ROW Intake, Weistec TCU Valve/Tune, done to my car. Well, immediately after that was completed I …

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Uship Review Part 2: Shipping The C63 AMG Black Series

If you’ve been following the Exotic Whips Youtube channel you’ll know that I  had to ship my C63 AMG Black Series from Arizona to Minnesota and I used a service called to facilitate the enclosed trailer for me. You can find part one of the Uship review here. Well, the …

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How To Wash A Matte Paint Car

One of the many questions I seem to get over and over about the C63 AMG Black Series is, “is that a wrap” and “how hard is that to take care of?” Now, this question is normally after three to four other questions like, “what is that?” or “Oh, it’s …

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