Buying an E36 M3 For Under $5K – New Project Car…and It’s Infested With Bugs!

e36 m3 build

Well, it’s official! I picked up the first Exotic Whips TV Youtube Project car! Somehow I managed to find the perfect E36 M3 literally five minutes away from our house. If you know anything about Texas, nothing is close by! So the fact that this E36 M3 was literally a couple of miles from our house…it was meant to be!

This E36 M3 is a 1995 with just over 230K on the clock. There were a few issues with the car when I bought it but overall it was in good condition! I need to replace the alternator since that doesn’t work any longer. After I get that replaced, this M3 should be good to go and I can start with the good E36 M3 mods!

Checkout the video for a better description of the car.

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