BMW i8 Full Pricing & Options Revealed. 28 Images and Video.

top-mainIf you haven’t been keeping up on all the new models of performance cars released in 2014, it’s okay…there seems to have been more than a few hybrid sports cars released, unfortunately majority of them have price tags nearing the seven figure mark which is hardly affordable. Well, if you’re looking for an “affordable” econo sports car, the BMW i8 may be in your wheelhouse. We have to admit, the affordable part is relative to those seven figure cars. The BMW i8 isn’t cheap, at all. BMW recently released their pricing options and upgrade list and they aren’t cheap.

At the very very least, you’ll be paying $135,700 plus a destination fee of $950. That’s not chump change. Now, you want to have one made in 2014 so you can say you have one of the first model i8’s? Great! That’s going to add on another $10,800! Why? It’s called a “Pure Impulse World” trim package. Apparently that’s the price you have to pay to be an early adopter. In all fairness, this package does include a few cool things like perforated grey leather, i8 script on the headrests, i blue BMW seat belts, leather-edged floor mats and a leather engine & trunk cover, black brake calipers with BMW i blue detailing and a zirconium oxide ceramic coating to the gear selector…which we have no idea what it is.
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Now, we’re not saying you have to get your i8 fully loaded, even the standard entry level “Giga World” models come with a nice array of equipment such as dynamiv damper control, park distance control, heated seats, cruise, auto climate control and Harmon Kardon sound.

Want shiny metallic paint? Great! That’s an extra $1800. Want a little extra power? Great! There’s no variation in the powertrain options. The standard 1.5L turbo’d gas engine along with the front mounted e-motor will be all you get, but hey, it produces 231 HP. It may not be the highest HP car in the game, but with a 0-60 of 3.8, it’s no slouch!

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