Battle Royale: Mclaren P1 Vs Porsche 918 At Laguna Seca

mclaren_p1_vs_porsche_918This is the battle everyone has been waiting for…sans LaFerrari. Sadly, Ferrari keeps playing hard to get for some reason. The owner of the LaFerrari that MotorTrend had lined up was told that it was a ‘no go’. Pretty crazy to think that the OWNER of that car can’t do with it as he or she pleases. What are you worried about, Ferrari?
Either way, this video is pretty epic. Between the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 you have over $2.5M in cars and let’s not forget that McLaren sent a tech team out for the hot lap and Porsche made sure the 918 had the lightweight, $32,500 magnesium wheels that come standard with the Weissach package.

Piloting these cars will be the famous Randy Pobst, it’s never a bad thing when a race car driver’s nick name is, “The Rocket.”
Just to be safe MotorTrend made sure all the details were the same. Yes, each car has different tires, but each were supplied with brand new rubber for the deal. They also made sure to put gas from the SAME pump into each car.

We won’t spoil the ending for you but you have to watch the hot laps to get a sense of just how epic these cars really are.


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