What Happens When You Drift With An Open Container? Not Much!

top-img-1Okay, so you probably don’t need this if you’re as anal about keeping your car clean as we are. Let’s be honest, half the guys in our office won’t let you eat in their car let alone have an open container of coffee or soda. But, if you’re one of those guys that does eat and drink in your car, you might want to take a look at this thing.
This is the Maksimatic Cup Holder…and it’s freakin’ sweet. The makers of this cool cup holder had an Indigogo campaign going for a while and it looks like it did well. If you’re unfamiliar with Indigogo, it’s simply a crowd funding platform. There’s a few of them online now and they’re a great way to get a feel for a prototype product and to judge the market for a product.

Well…needless to say, the Maksimatic cup holder looks like it was a success. Checkout this video and tell us you wouldn’t want one!

Here’s another video of the same gyro cup holder going over speed bumps. We have to say, the daily driving aspect of this invention seems pretty solid!

Then the company got a little to aggressive and decided to test out their invention while drifting…probably not a great idea but checkout how the Gyro cup holder does.


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