36 Ruined Supercars.

mainimgLet’s all have a moment of silence for these pristine machines that have fallen into the wrong hands. These aren’t your run of the mill sports cars. It’s one thing to put a pink wrap on your older BMW M3 or your 996 Porsche 911. Those have some age and frankly are meant to customize a bit, but these amazing machines didn’t deserve the slow and painful death they received by their owners but it still happened and it’s a terrible tragedy. Yes, it’s one thing to put a wrap on your car, at least that can be taken off, but a gold paint job…c’mon man, that’s just to far. Maybe, MAYBE, you put some cheaper after market parts as a learning curve, then you realize when you mod your supercar, you might as well put the right after market parts on it, or just leave it as it is. That sounds like a better idea. Anyways, take a moment to appreciate what used to be a collection of amazing supercars.

So we have to ask, are these exotics ruined? Would you still drive a pink Lambo? Tell us at the bottom of the page!

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