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December, 2018

March, 2017

  • 7 March

    Mclaren Just Keeps Winning With The New Mclaren 720s

    Looks are a personal opinion but we think Mclaren has absolutely nailed it with their new Mclaren 720s! Not only are the numbers the 720s produce insane but the tech inside looks equally as amazing. The folding dash looks absolutely epic (video below). S0, what kind of numbers is the …

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January, 2017

  • 23 January

    The Smoking Tire Does A “One Take” On A 997.1 GT3

    matt farah

    One of my bucket list cars is for sure the Porsche GT3 and fortunately for me, Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire Youtube channel just did a “One Take” video on one of these amazing cars. If you’re not familiar with One Take or The Smoking Tire, we would highly …

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  • 23 January

    Salomondrin’s House Tour Is Insane!

    salomondrin youtube

    If you’re at all into cars and you happen to go onto a small website called, YouTube…odds are you’ve heard of Salomondrin. If not, let’s see, how can we explain Salomodrin? To start, he’s owned everything from Porsche 918, Dodge Viper ACR, a couple Rolls Royce’s, Mclaren 675LT, Porsche 911R, …

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September, 2016

  • 29 September

    I Dyno My 2012 C63 AMG Black Series

    After adding Weistec headers, exhaust, tune, ROW intake, and TCU Valve/tune, I was finally able to see what my 2012 C63 AMG Black Series puts down to the ground! If you’re not familiar with the C63 Black Series, think of it as a street legal racecar built by AMG. It’s …

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May, 2016

April, 2016

  • 25 April

    Uship Review Part 3: Collecting The C63 AMG Black Series

    Finally, the time has come to collect my C63 AMG Black Series from the shipping company facilitated by Uship.Com. If you saw the Uship Review Part 2, you’ll know things didn’t go as smoothly as I was hoping but all is well that ends well…right? Well this was the day …

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  • 25 April

    Uship Review Part 2: Shipping The C63 AMG Black Series

    If you’ve been following the Exotic Whips Youtube channel you’ll know that I  had to ship my C63 AMG Black Series from Arizona to Minnesota and I used a service called to facilitate the enclosed trailer for me. You can find part one of the Uship review here. Well, the …

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